Disability Organisations Joint Front
About DOJF

To have a society which possess equal rights through the joint strength of organization of PwDs.



Strengthening the organizations of PWDs to protect, achieve and develop the rights of Persons with Disabilities, engage in the process of advocacy through networking and cooperation.


(Top Five Priorties)
  • Providing the economic opportunity for persons with disabilities to lead an independent life.
  • Upgrading the social position of persons with disabilities
  • Achieving and protecting the Rights of persons with disabilities 
  • Developing the internal capacities of the organization

 About DOJF


Established in 2001, Disability Organizations Joint Front (DOJF) is an umbrella body of Disability Peoples organisations (DPO’s) working to safeguard the rights of the Persons with Disabilities (PwD) and organisations providing various disability services. DOJF represents members organisations for blind and visually impaired, deaf and hearing impaired, persons with physical disabilities and persons intellectual disabilities.  The membership of the DOJF comprised of 12 organizations at the time of inauguration and it has increased to 30 as of today. The organization mandated to protect and promote the rights of PwD’s and intervene as and when necessary to safeguard and protect the rights when violations are reported and where a right violation is likely to occur.


During the process following member services were offered by DOJF through various projects: 


Legal Aid Service for needy PwDs.

Accessibility Resource and Information Centre.

Trained 200 Technical Officers attached to local authorities on 2006 Accessibility Regulations.

“Atha-Hitha” Newsletter.

Empowerment of members trough awareness raising and leadership training.



Principal Activity/Product


Enhanced awareness on rights for persons with disabilities amongst authorities, decision makers and other stakeholders.

Improved conditions for enactment of new disability rights bill and the ratification of UNCRPD.

Improved preconditions for monitoring of enforcement of disability legislation, regulations and policies though enhanced capacity of DOJF member organizations.  

Enhanced organizational, democratic and advocacy capacity of DOJF and its member organizations.

Enhanced opportunities for training and education for persons with disabilities. 

Provide Signe language interpretation service.



Examples of Recent Activity


Conducting discussions through print and electronic media in order to raise awareness of the general public, civil society and the government about the rights of PwDs with more emphasis on UNCRPD principles and norms & Accessibility.

Lobby members of parliament regarding enactment of draft disability rights bill and ratification of UNCRPD Optional Protocell. 

Preparation of categorization and classification of type of disabilities along with definitions.

Formation of monitoring committees in five districts and train them to monitor for right violations of PwDs.

Print of bi-annual newsletter on disability and distribute among DPOs, Public Libraries, Schools, special schools, relevant government institutions, universities.

Communicate with state authorities and bureaucratic mechanism on policy level interventions for the inclusion of disability in to the mainstream development process.



DOJF Achievements 


Ratification of UNCRPD in February 2016 by the Government of Sri Lanka. Since Sri Lanka signed the UNCRPD in March 2007 DOJF continued its lobby and advocacy activities for convention ratification.

Amendments to the draft Disability Rights Bill (DRB) DOJF initiated the redrafting of DRB in 2014 by recommending a five-member redrafting committee and consultative committee which reviewed the draft and made recommendations. The new draft bill is more consistent with UNCRPD. At present the draft bill has been submitted to the legal draftsman.       

Forming a national Association of Persons with Rheumatism. 

Established sign language interpretation service centre to provide Sing Language Interpreters support service in Colombo district service providers in government and private sector for visually impaired persons to assist in their day today requirements


Legal bond


DOJF is registered under the following authorities in Sri Lanka;

National Council for Persons with Disabilities, under the Section 20 of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act No 28 of 1996. (Registration Number - MSS/NSPD/R/106)

 Registered as a Voluntary Social Organization under the Divisional Secretariat, Act No 31 of 1980 as Amended by Act No 8 of 1998. (Registration Number - AT/SOC/08/F1/116)

Organization Structure